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WCP 12.2.1: Installation VIII (Oracle WebCenter Portal 12.2.1)

Now we are prepared to install WebCenter Portal.

If you do not have the software download it from: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/portal/downloads/index.html

First of all we are going to install the software in our ORACLE_HOME
As usual unzip the installer and execute it!

WebCenter Portal 12cR2 Software Installer

Choose the /oracle/product (the ORACLE_HOME) that we selected for every product!
Choose the ORACLE_HOME
Choose WebCenter Portal 
WebCenter Portal Components
Finish the Installation Wizard.

Now create the required schemas using the RCU

Execture [ORACLE_HOME]/oracle_common/bin/rcu

Make sure that you are installing the WebCenter Portal schemas

RCU installing WebCenter Portal Schemas

Configure the Domain to have the WebCenter Portal Servers

Time for configuring the Managed Servers and the weblogic_domain for WebCenter Portal.
Select wisely (using the official documentation) the WebCenter Portal Components to install (Portal, Analytics, Pagelets, Portlets, Discussions)

Installing Portal Templates in WebLogic Domain

After the RCU checking. Select to configure the Managed Servers and Services.

Configure Managed Servers and Clusters

Let the Managed Servers by default

Managed Servers by Default

As recommended by the Oracle Installation Guide. Create a cluster for each type of Managed Server

Configuring Clusters

Associate each Server to the corresponding Cluster

Associate each Managed Server to a Cluster

 Do not forget to add the servers to the Machine in order to be started using Node Manager

Adding the Servers to Node Manager

Continue until the end of the Wizard and finish it!

Now we have Oracle WebCenter Portal installed with:
  • Analytics
  • Discussions
  • Portlets
  • Pagelets
  • Portal Server
Note: If you used the CLUSTER approach then he Discussions and Portlets connections are not created automatically when starting Portal. Create them manually using the Enterprise Manager.!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1221/core/INSWC/GUID-687C42BB-C2C1-40DE-BFB7-75D01B7BA811.htm#INSWC-GUID-687C42BB-C2C1-40DE-BFB7-75D01B7BA811

Configure Security for Discussions Server Connection

It is a development environment. Do not lose time configuring a complex security architecture.

Make sure that WC_Portal and WC_Collaboration and are UP and RUNNING.

Managed Servers RUNNING

Go to WLST scripts (/oracle/product/oracle_common/bin/wlst.sh) and execute the following
> connect() 
> attachWebServicePolicy(application='owc_discussions', moduleName='owc_discussions', moduleType='web', serviceName='OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated', subjectName='OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated', policyURI='oracle/wss10_saml_token_service_policy')

Restart both WC_Portal and WC_Collaboration and check if it works!

Discussions Working

Installing Content Repository

Note: Power off the domain after testing Portal is working properly in order to install the Content Respository. Do not start WCP again if WebCenter Content is not properly confgiured

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Installing SOA Suite

Next step: WCP 12.2.1: Installation IX (Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1)

Installing Oracle SES

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