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WCP 12.2.1: Installation VII (Oracle WebCenter Content 12.2.1)

Oracle WebCenter Portal 12cR2 is very weak without its brother Oracle WebCenter Content 12cR2

Now is time to install, configure and integrate Oracle WebCenter Portal 12.2.1 with Oracle WebCenter Content 12.2.1

Download the software from:

As usual... unzip and execute the Oracle Universal Installer for installing the software
WebCenter Content 12c Universal Installer
Select the ORACLE_HOME that we are using for all products (my case is /oracle/product as recommends the official guide)

Settimg UP the ORACLE_HOME

Finish the installer

Installation of the WCC 12cR2 finished

Execute RCU for creating WCC Schemas

Execute RCU from /oracle/product/oracle_common/bin/rcu 

RCU Welcome Page
Make sure that you select the Orcle WebCenter Content Schemas

WebCenter Content Schemas

Finish the RCU!

RCU Finished

Launch the Domain Configuration Wizard to install WCC Managed Servers

Go to /oracle/product/oracle_common/common/bin and execture to update our webcenter_domain with the Oracle WebCenter Content Servers

Make sure you select the wcontent templates (we are including also adf ui and capture, they are not required, just if you want to play with them :))

WebCenter Content WebLogic Templates

Remember to configure the Managed Servers for the existing Node Manager and create Clusters for every product

Configure the Managed Servers!

Do the same as we did with WCP

Continue ahead until finishing the Wizard!

Now we are going to configure WebCenter Content and Inbound Refinery. Please, do not start Portal servers yet, only start Admin Server, UCM_server1 and IBR_server1

Setup Inbound Refinery Configuration

When IBR_server1 is up and running then go to IBR console to configure the IBR instance

IBR configuration after fresh install
Restart IBR_server1

Setup WebCenter Content Configuration

When UCM_server1 is up and running then go to UCM Console and configure the UCM instance
UCM Configuration after fresh installation
Restart UCM_server1

Enable WebCenter Content Components

Check them in: 

  • WebCenterConfigure
  • FrameworkFolders
  • DBSearchContainsOpSupport
  • SiteStudio
  • PortalVCRHelper
  • DigitalAssetManager
  • DAMConverterSupport   
  • LinkManager 

Restart UCM_server1

Configure WebCenter Content - Inbound Refinery Connection

Login in WebCenter Content Console and go to Administration -> Providers

Add new outgoing provider
Click Add to add new outgoing provider and setup your IBR details

IBR Outgoing Provider details

Restart UCM_server1

Back to Providers screen and check that the connection is good
IBR connection well configured

Configure WebCenter Portal - WebCenter Portal Connection

WC_Portal and UCM_server1 must be RUNNING.

Go to the Enterprise Manager and create a connection to the Content Server as following.
Configuration of the Content Repository
Click Test, if everything goes well then restart WC_Portal and access to the Documents page of the HOME Portal.

Check the Content Manager Task Flow is working

Now is time to enable the Administration Workflows and decent Notification Service!. In addition we can enable BPM embebbed into the Portal!

Next step: WCP 12.2.1: Installation IX (Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1)

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