domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

WCC: The power of GET_FS_DOC_INFO service

GET_FS_DOC_INFO service is an IDC Service that I used in some of my solutions.
It provides very useful information regarding to the URLs and Paths of the Documents in WebCenter Content.
IsSoap=1 Output of GET_FS_DOC_INFO

This service requires the following Input Paramters:
  • dID: Specific Revision ID of the document
Why is it too nice this service? :). It retrieves the following useful information:
  • relativeURL: Relative URL to Web Layout File
  • containerLocation: File System Path to the File (without the file name)
  • renditionFiles: In case of having attachments!
  • absoluteURL: Absolute URL to the Web Layout File
  • webViewableFile: File System Path location of the Web Viewable Format
  • primaryFile: File System Path location of the Native Format
References (Thanks Jonathan and Sonal): 

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